About Civil Servants

Our Purpose

Connecting Hearts and Hands ®

Our Vision

Enriching Lives to Glorify God

Civil Servants is a community service and outreach organization created and run by CEC with the goal of reaching out and making a difference in the community. We have chosen several specific areas of focus to increase our impact. Since we were founded and supported by CEC, an engineering company, these focused efforts center on improving the infrastructure (both physical and emotional) that supports our lives and specifically improve living conditions for those in need. We have picked several community service activities, as well as various employee development and outreach opportunities CEC staff, family and friends can participate in throughout the year.

At CEC, we realize that God has blessed this organization and the people within it and it is our responsibility to take that blessing and share it with others. Our employees and the community matter to us, so we do what we can to make their lives a little better!